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Tenant looking for a flexible solution to pay your deposit? Landlord tired of late and missing payments? FidoRent’s got your back!

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Stress free deposit
Stress free deposit

Tenant? Don’t suffer anymore for the costs of moving in. Pay for your deposit in multiple instalments rather than all at once.

Rent guaranteed
Rent guaranteed

Landlord? Forget about all the risks related to late or missing payments. FidoRent will pay the rent every 5th of the months.

Rent upfront
Rent upfront

Landlord? Collect up to 12 months worth of rent in advance. Receive your rental income in one lump sum.

Are you a tenant?

Fido pays the deposit!

FidoRent pays your deposit in less than 24 hours. You decide in how many months you want to repay it. Don't suffer the costs of moving out anymore.

Are you a landlord?

12 months of rent upfront!

No need to wait for the money to arrive every month. It's your rent from the future. Eliminate any risk of late or missing payments.

Are you an agent?

Increase your demand!

Join us becoming a partner agent and earn a commission by offering our exclusive services. Differentiate yourself on the market thanks to FidoRent.

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John Elkann, ad di Exor: «Questi progetti hanno grande potenziale. Rafforzeremo il nostro impegno».

FidoRent chiude un round di investimento da 400 mila euro

Grazie all’accordo firmato con Exor Ventures e nuovi investitori tra cui Casavo, FidoRent debutta nel mercato degli affitti residenziali

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Successo per la prima edizione del venture builder: dopo 4 mesi di lavoro, 8 team di imprenditori hanno presentato oggi i loro progetti ai migliori fondi VC e Business Angels italiani e internazionali.

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We are not writing history alone. Here to who have placed their trust in FidoRent from day 0.

Bring trust back home · Cash now worry never!

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