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Immediate liquidity and total protection

After almost one year from the participation to Vento (Venture Originator), FidoRent presents its tailor made solution for homeowners.

Milan, September 2022 - The Italian startup FidoRent presents itself on the market as the best choice for homeowners to immediately receive up to two years of upfront rent and to guarantee protection against delays or default payments. To support the service, a dedicated site designed for three different players (homeowner, real estate broker and tenant) and a constantly updated blog to keep track of all the trends of the moment.

FidoRent is a small family spread all over the world, the development side of our product has been taken care by Diego and Bruno, of Spanish origin, who previously worked in startups and large companies on the Iberian Peninsula. The design side is lead by Stefania , which carry on her shoulder the precious experience gained in the years when she worked for Frog and Fjord design studios.

Based on their needs, homeowners will be able to choose from three plans custom made for them.

  • Basic plan: completely free, it offers an instant verification of the tenant's risk profile and the tracking of payments through an intuitive dashboard, allowing landlord to better manage their properties;
  • Standard plan: in addition to the benefits of the basic plan, also includes the guarantee of being paid once a month on a predetermined day by FidoRent instead of by the Tenant;
  • Premium plan: allows you to immediately receive up to two years of upfront rent and the total protection against default tenants.

FidoRent services leverage its expertise in tenant's risk profiling through a proprietary algorithm internally developed. Thanks to FidoRent technology the homeowner will always be able to find the most suitable person to rent their property to with complete peace of mind.

FidoRent is an Italian startup that aims to restore trust among people through an upfront rental service and a total protection against defaulting payments.

Bring trust back home · Cash now worry never!

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