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FidoRent helps you in your search for a new home, with the best guarantee to convince landlords

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How does it work?

24 months of rent paid upfront by FidoRent will relieve you from the burden of having to demonstrate your credit worthiness. FidoRent will become your guarantor for the entire stay.

Main benefits

Why FidoRent?

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The best guarantee

Picky landlord? FidoRent will guarantee for you, paying up to two years of your advance rent.

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Rent the house of your dreams

Offering full upfront rent is a great way to beat other offers without having to pay more.

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Pay in one click

FidoRent offers the best possible experience when it comes to paying rent. 100% digital and automated.

The process

A painless experience


Verify your profile

In just a few seconds verify your income thanks to Open Banking. Demonstrate FidoRent that you are a reliable tenant.


Pay your landlords upfront

After the check is completed, FidoRent will pay your landlord for the entire stay in advance.


Move in immediately

Forget about the fierce competition to rent a home. Move in immediately into your dream house.

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Fido’s app is… coming soon!

We’ll let you know when our super cool app is available on iOS and Android markets, which will happen later this spring. We’ll just send this news. No spam.

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